Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Comments On "It's Because He's Black, Stupid"

I received many comments from readers of my previous
column, "It's Because He's
Black, Stupid." The
comments reveal, not surprisingly, that race is
still a very
emotional issue for many people. That
is why I have decided to publish some of
those comments
here. I have left out some comments because of space

limitations and edited others for the same reason --
not because the reader/writer
may have disagreed
with me. After reading them, of course, you may
comment on the


90-95% of African Americans are going to vote for Obama? Mostly because he IS black?

Some of us don't like socialists of any color.

Some of us don't like candidates of any color who are so extreme on abortion. (That one is my reason.)

Some of us don't like candidates who are not only liberal, but closer to being radicals.

There are conservative black individuals I would vote for in a nano-second and be proud to do so.

Obama is also 1/2 white.

Who cares?


Home run Lloyd!! You absolutely hit the old, lingering fear of difference, American "racist" nail on the head.


A little comedy would have made this less a preachy lecture. In my humble opinion, knowing most liberals think all Republicans and hinterland-voters are racists,

This isn't 1982, and you're going to be proven wrong when the final poll numbers before the election prove to be accurate.

The enormous amount of new voters ACORN is registering aren't voting along racial lines?

­ --------------------------------------------------

..."He's inexperienced" really means, "He's black." What? What kind of stupid statement is that? He really is inexperienced and quite naive about many important issues. His lack of experience has nothing to do with his race. I would have voted for Alan Keyes if he were a viable candidate and had won one of the major party nominations. Not because he is black, but because I like his views.

Besides, he's not really black anyway. Half white, mostly Arab for the rest with less than 10% black from his ancestry. So we are not voting for the first "black" candidate, we voting for the first half white, mostly Arab candidate.


"Loved it Lloyd. And you are so right. But I'll be in there voting for him. Of course I've kissed a few black guys - think everyone should."


Too much LA smog for Lloyd. Obama is a socialist... he wants to redistribute wealth. He is dishonest about his associations with Ayers and Wright... he has long standing associations with people who dislike this country and by words and actions have acted against this country... that is his prerogative...just don't deny it. Still want to vote for Obama ..that is your choice ... race will not be as much a factor in people not voting for Obama as age is for young people not voting for McCain.


Lloyd wonders why there are still “undecideds” in this election. He thinks the answer is racism. That’s an odd conclusion. Have you ever met a racist who was undecided about their opinion? Me neither. Racists by definition are decidedly decided. They aren't open to being swayed. They don't sit around picking petals off flowers wondering aloud “I love people, I love them not. I love people, I love them not.”


Lloyd, you lost me with this one. I'm not voting for Barack Obama. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin and everything to do with the content of his character. To see you equate "He's inexperienced" with "He's black" tells me everything I need to know about your political judgment. In effect, you just called me a racist. I'll not hang around for more of that.


I totally agree with this article. AMERICA just say it... He's black! This river of racism is as much apart of the American fabric as it has ever been. Most black people I know realize this. We have always known, believed and experienced this. I think white America most of the time likes to keep their head in the sand about it. This is not to say that every white person is a racist. This is not to say that every black person is down trodden and persecuted minute by minute, but as they say on Clean House, "Take off your blindfolds and Open your eyes!" Racism is as much a part of America as Apple Pie! The sooner we all admit it, the sooner we can all work to rise above it.


...if i have to hear from another white liberal baby boomer my head is going to explode. they are so consumed with white guilt they see everything thru the prism of race. Racism is alive and well but give me a break. I am undecided not because of race, but because i don't like either candidate!!!! … I'm a fan of this user


Thanks for speaking TRUTH, my pale skin brother.. (LOL) I believe it was best said by Jack Nicholson, "You can't handle the truth!!" The UNDECIDED group seems to lack the all important ability to be Honest with ONES SELF. This made my day. Keep up the good work.


…Of course you can have legitimate complaints against both candidates and I laud your decision to not cast a ballot for either of them. Hence, you are not one of the "undecideds" Garver is citing. My problem is with people who truly like Obama's message and would (arguably) benefit from an Obama administration but either can't commit to him or, worse, will, sadly, vote against either their ideological or economic interests by punching the ballot for McCain/Palin. There does seem to be an inordinate amount of people this election cycle who--for whatever reasons--fall into one of these two categories.


Die for me. Get an education, get a job, follow the rules, you will be ok. You can do anything you want in America.

If I kick you, your role is to be quiet and pretend that 0I did not. If you ever speak of the fact that I kicked you, I will deny it through charges that you are trying to profit from a victim mentality.

If you are brown, you are looking for a handout or you are following the orders of superior people who know best. These are your only options in this society. Either way, suffer silently, never point out disparity, know with clarity your place and never try to rise above societal definition of your place or we will crucify you.

It is imperative in a world that hates and labels it love that one retains their own definitions. It is imperative when one lives in a world where a fellow human being can be slandered in society and some consider that "the rough and tumble nature of politics" to be self-sufficient in all things moral. One cannot look to their country for moral guidance when it is a wasteland of immorality. Once cannot trust their country to do what is right when it shows ample evidence of leaning towards that which is evil and wrong.

1968 -- 2008, this was the lifespan of a wake-up call to get things right. Regret or fear not the results of getting it wrong. We were warned.


You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately, these people are trying to appease their own consciences by saying they're not racist, but the bible says, "out of the heart, the mouth speaketh," and their words are saying plenty. They can say whatever they want, however because there is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. The time has come for change, the time has come for unity of races, cultures, creeds and colors, and those who can't get with the program will be left far behind to wonder what the hell happened.


"What are they waiting for?" Good question and I think you're right--more of these undecideds than we would like to believe are having a hard time committing to Obama because he's black. When I hear them in the post-debate interviews singing his praises and then, finally, lamenting, "I still haven't decided," I want to pitch my remote through the TV screen. For most people, there is only one rational and reasonable choice in this election. "He's black" isn't a good reason someone to vote against his/her ideological and economic interests. These folks either need to get off the fence or sit this election out.


Do you have ANY evidence to support this latest story?


Here's your real racist author, Lloyd Garver:

"He's inexperienced" really means, "He's black."

You've been hypnotized and you don't even know it.


Any one who votes for a political candidate because he or she is black, red, yellow, brown or because he or she is a democrat or republican, catholic or Jew, male or female has some serious mental problems. …

When I hear people say ... "I'm voting for Obama because he's black." or "I'm voting for the republicans because Sarah Palin is a female.", makes me sick to my stomach.

I also look at the type of people who support a political party and this year, one of our political parties is made up of liberal scum bags, radical left wingers, gays, freaks and kooks who I have absolutely no respect for. Bet you can't guess who I'll be voting for.


I would have to agree [with you, Lloyd]. It’s the ONLY thing I can think of that would cause people to be “undecided” at this stage. I do wonder though, has there ever been a study to determine what percentage of our population is just completely incapable of making a decision? And make all their choices based on whim? So I’m hoping on Nov 4 that at least half of them will walk into that booth and feel like voting for Obama and doing so.


You forgot:

He's Arab = He's Black
Powell endorses Obama because He's Black
He isn't from the "real" part of America = He's Black.
He's a Socialist = He's Black
He's a Communist = He's Black
He's establishing a welfare state = He's Black
He has radical ideas = He's Black
Tony Rezko = He's Black
ACORN = He's Black
William Ayers = He's Black
Not the "right" kind of Christian = He's Black

Those who think this is just about politics try this little experiment. Place an Obama/Biden sign in your front yard or better yet - an Obama bumper sticker on your car and see what happens.


I am not a 'who me?' kind of person but I do have issues with Obama. I was a strong supporter of Hilary, and the fact he didn't do the wise thing of selecting her to be his vice (which would have united the democratic person) made me lose some respect for him. Furthermore, despite being quite left wing, in recent economic discussions, I've felt McCain has taken the favorable approach. This has led to a little dilemma as I would feel very guilty to support the Republicans but at the same time, this election campaign has raised doubts over Obama as a president. Am I a 'who me' person? No. Am I racist or remotely prejudiced on issues of race or background? Far from it. Am I sure I support Obama? No sadly not. Where does that leave me?


  1. There is no such thing as a "black" human being or a "white" human being. You can line up 1 million right or left arms of 1 million different human beings and every single one will have a slightly different shade of some color in between black and white.

    As the Encyclopedia Britannica and several other authoritive sources have pointed out, there is no such thing as "race" from a genetic level. Whatever we call "race" is a product of culture, diet, climate and various other influneces. A so-called "black" man raised in French culture does not act remotely like a so-called "black" man raised in Kenya or Detroit.

    Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the Ku Klux Klan will eventually get over it, but it may take a few million years for such Neanderthals to finally see the light through the tunnel of their most obvious bigotry.

    Posted by Richard Aberdeen

  2. I didn't vote for Joe Lieberman when he ran for the senate in Connecticut because I think he's too liberal, not because he's Jewish. But in your narrow mind, does that make me an anti-semite? Maybe you could do a column on that next time.

  3. Your blog provoked a fascinating discussion, Lloyd, regardless of it merits. Thanks for helping to shine some light into that dark corner of the American soul. My personal hope is that on Election Day many of the commenters here will do what they say they will do - vote for the best candidate regardless of race.

  4. Way to go, Lloyd, you shook up a lot of people with your column. MVL

  5. It is interesting how everyone reads through a filter and only see what they want to see. The comments seem like you wrote several different articles.

  6. I'm old enough to remember a time when young people of every stripe were united against a common enemy. The defeat of that enemy was to usher in a new age of hope and advancement for all Americans. The enemy was Nixon.

  7. Pullleeeze, Lloyd!
    To *me, "Inexperienced" means just that. I'm apalled when I think about how stupid I actually was at that age, and didnt even know it! In this case it also means he's a half-term, junior Senator who's too young, never been anywhere to "live amongst the locals", never run anything bigger than a Senate office staff, and just doesn't know squat about the World. Much like the worst Pres we ever had, the one that actually got us *into Vietnam, the Sainted JFK.
    Now, I would have voted for Colin Powell (also about 1/2 white, by all accounts)in a New York minute, for the exact opposites of all those points! But alas...

  8. what a diverse group of readers you have

  9. I'm white; he's black. And I intend to vote for him anyway. Some people don't see color when the stakes are so high.


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